Aperitivos | APPETIZERS

[ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu image=”622″ product=”AHUUAS QUESO” price=”Cup: $7.99 . . . Bowl: $8.99 . . . w/Meat add : $1.99″]Our version of white cheese (azadero).[/ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu][ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu image=”658″ product=”Sopes” price=”$13.50″ uc_init_settings=””]Originated in the City of Culiacan, 3 sopes covered with refried beans, shrimp, ranchero chicken or ground beef and topped with crumble cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.[/ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu][ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu image=”659″ product=”QUESADILLAS” price=”Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, Fish, Vegetable or Chorizo: $12.50″ uc_init_settings=””]Served with lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.[/ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu]
[ucaddon_uc_zigzag_food_menu image=”619″ mid_bg=”wp-content/uploads/ac_assets/uc_zigzag_food_menu/arrow.png” heading=”NACHOS” price=””]Beans and Cheese : $6.25 / Served with lettuce and jalapenos. Fajita Beef or Chicken : $11.95. . . . Add B.B.Q : $11.99. Ground Beef, Ranchero Chicken or Chorizo : $10.50[/ucaddon_uc_zigzag_food_menu]
[ucaddon_uc_zigzag_food_menu image=”589″ mid_bg=”589″ heading=”QUESO FUNDIDO” price=”$10.99 Fajita Meat: $12.99″]Melted Cheese with mushrooms and chipotle strips with your choice of chorizo, ground beef, or ranchero chicken and an order of tortillas[/ucaddon_uc_zigzag_food_menu]
[ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu image=”661″ product=”SHRIMP RATONES” price=”$11.99″ uc_init_settings=””]5 Sliced Jalapeño peppers stuffed with Shrimp and blended white cheese and a special home made dipping sauce.[/ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu][ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu image=”664″ product=”SAMPLER PLATE” price=”$13.95″ uc_init_settings=””]3 Plain grilled queso fresco sticks, 4 slices of cheese quesadilla, 1 flauta and 4 grilled garlic butter shrimp.[/ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu]