Ensaladas y Sopas | Salads and Soups

[ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu image=”667″ product=”PLANTATION SALAD” price=”$12.99″ uc_init_settings=””]Fresh mushrooms, shredded Monterrey Jack and cheddar cheese, bacon, grated egg, avocado, and croutons on a bed of mixed greens. Served with homemade honey mustard dressing. Choice of grilled or fried chicken.[/ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu][ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu image=”668″ product=”TACO SALAD” price=”$10.99 . . . with Fajita Chicken: $11.99 or Fajita Beef: $11.50″ uc_init_settings=””]Served with taco meat or ranchero chicken, topped with tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole and cheese.[/ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu][ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu image=”527″ product=”GRILLED TUNA SALAD” price=”$13.50″]Served with fresh cut Iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato, avocados and shredded carrots.[/ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu]
[ucaddon_uc_zigzag_food_menu image=”588″ mid_bg=”wp-content/uploads/ac_assets/uc_zigzag_food_menu/arrow.png” heading=”SHRIMP SALAD” price=”$12.50 …Grilled Jumbo: $13.99″]Served with baby shrimp, topped with sour cream, guacamole, cheese, sliced tomato and avocados.[/ucaddon_uc_zigzag_food_menu]
[ucaddon_uc_zigzag_food_menu image=”618″ mid_bg=”589″ heading=”MEXICAN CHICKEN SOUP” price=”CUP: $7.99 BOWL: $9.99″]Our Chicken Soup with generous strips of chicken, onions, tomato, cilantro, avocados and rice in our seasoned broth served with lime.[/ucaddon_uc_zigzag_food_menu]
[ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu image=”669″ product=”AHUUAS FAJITA SALAD” price=”$13.50″ uc_init_settings=””]Served with fajita strips of beef or chicken and topped with avocados, sliced eggs, tomatoes, cheese, and a scoop of guacamole.[/ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu][ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu image=”670″ product=”MEXICAN TORTILLA SOUP” price=”Cup: $7.99 Bowl: $9.99″ uc_init_settings=””]Chicken seasoned broth ladled over fried tortilla strips and garnished with mushroms, sliced avocado and chesse.[/ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu][ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu image=”671″ product=”CHARRO BEANS SOUP” price=”Cup: $6.95 Bowl: $8.95″ uc_init_settings=””]Pinto beans cooked with chorizo, sliced hot dogs and bacon, toped with pico de gallo.[/ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu][ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu image=”672″ product=”BEAN DIP NORTEÑOS” price=”$4.95″ uc_init_settings=””]Refried Beans topped with melted cheese, chopped onions and cilantro.[/ucaddon_uc_round_row_food_menu]